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Custom (Not for Sale)

All these items we have done as CUSTOM orders and are not for sale but you may be lucky to pick one up at an event!

If you are looking for custom Dealer Buttons or Card Markers please get in touch with us and we will turn a quote around in 24hrs.

Happy Hunting

bwin Saucer - Out of this World

Created for a special Poker Event in Redmond USA


Circus - Unique Poker Card Guard

These Card Guards where molded to perfection


Genting - Perspex Dealer Button

Another new line for DealerButtons and Genting Casinos were the first to take 'em


Genting - Wicked Poker Card Guard

Based on their logo, this Card Guard is something different


Poker Winners - Crown Series

Poker Card Guards in 4 styles of plating (God, Silver, Copper and Chrome)


Pokerisk - Poker Card Guard

Simple yet stylish!


Stan James - Concept Poker Guard

Stan James came to us wanting to try something different for their new brand


Stan James - Final Design

Double sided and gold plated. These Poker Card Guards were used to advertise Stan James' new branding.


The Casino MK - Double Sided Gloss

These Card Guards were our first ink filled epoxy creation. 


William Hill - Custom Crown

This was a Poker Card Guard concept delivered to the online giants William Hill